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The #1 Joint Health TREATMENT in Germany

According to sales data provided by Insight Health. The #1 Joint Health pill in Germany is a Systemic Multi Enzyme Therapy formulation. 

 clinically relevant improvement 

"The results obtained from six randomized controlled trials lasting 3–12 weeks demonstrated for both treatment groups comparable efficacy and clinically relevant improvement with respect to knee-joint pain and pain-related restrictions"

Recovery of Joint Comfort

Subjects who received a Systemic Multi Enzyme Therapy formulation experienced improvement at day 7 and were able to return to work and/or training faster*

comparable efficacy and superior tolerability

Systemic Enzyme Multi Therapy formulations “showed comparable efficacy and a superior tolerability/safety profile associated with a significantly lower risk of treatment-emergent adverse events”


This clinically studied formula works holistically with the body's immune system, helping you to tackle the underlying causes of pain and inflammation

Support in Maintaining Strength

A Systemic Multi Enzyme Therapy formulation demonstrated superiority in maintaining strength and muscle comfort in response to exhaustive eccentric exercise

What other users are saying

Short Story: This stuff is amazing and it doesn't take long to start working if you're consistent. I'm not only taking it for pain caused by a bone tumor, but my mom is now taking it for a disc in her neck, and my mother-in-law for joint pain in her knees. If you have any pain or inflammation at all, this is for you.

Jay - Best secret PANACEA!!

Whoa this stuff is for real!!! Read all the previous reviews cause they are true. Started to relieve the pain right away; by third day all pain in my shoulder was gone. Was doing physio on it every week at $250.00 a session. This is a lot cheaper. Also my urine flow has greatly increased due to what o believe to be the eradication of small tumors in the prostate which most middle aged men will acquire at some point in their lives.  Apparently it's been widely used in Europe for many years. I'm telling everybody I know about.

The day it arrived, I took my first dose after walking in from the delivery truck. I had been working for hours so I was starved and met the empty stomach requirement. Later that evening I noticed the pain in my left hand and wrist, gone! I had broken it in 7 places 43 years ago and the arthritis pain was a constant, 24/7. This was not my goal, only a benefit. I had purchased it because I badly damaged a pectoral muscle and had read it helped with tissue repair.

frankie - Great for inflammation

Great for all kinds of inflammation

Mike o'connell - It really helped

Started using product on June 17/2019 and low and behold within one week noticed knee arthritis pain stated to subside daily and still decreasing, this product has helped tremendously 

My mom has severe degenerative arthritis and is on the list for two knee replacements. In the meantime, she takes 12 of these a day, but she swears by them. She has not slowed down at all, is on her feet running around all day (in her 70's). During her course of taking the treatment, she has run out twice - within 1 to 2 days she noticed the inflammation return quickly. I haven't tried this product, but I know my mom, and I believe her if she says this really works.

You are fully protected by the 100% Risk Free Heal-n-Soothe Guarantee.

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